Professional Ways to Practice Writing Essays

The best way to get better at anything is by practicing and more practicing, including essay writing. But, of course, the level of practice you give to essay writing depends on how good you want to get. If you only want to improve your writing skills, you may only need to write at least one essay per day. However, if you’re training to be a professional in essay writing, you need at least ten thousand practice hours – says Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers.”

If you’re looking to become a pro at essay writing, we will show you steps on how to learn essay writing. It all starts with getting started right with how you practice reading and writing essays and getting feedback on your papers.

Why essay is important

Essay writing is important because it helps develop essential skills and functions useful in the academic world. A student who has essay writing skills has the edge over those that don’t. First off, essay writing enables students to practice and perfect transferable skills throughout their careers, from learning to the profession. When you write essays, you develop your reading, writing, and thinking capacity and learn how to organize your ideas.

Essay writing teaches you how to communicate your thoughts effectively. Additionally, practicing essay writing helps students develop a formal and organized style of writing that passes information clearly. Also, essay writing helps you organize your thoughts on what you’re learning and builds your vocabulary. Writing essays demands practice if you’re going to get good at it, whether pro-good or basic-level-good.

Professional steps on how to practice writing essays

Writing essays excellently will take time, but it is possible. Creative and genius essay writers got to where they are because they spent hours practicing their techniques and honing their crafts. In these three simple steps, you can begin professionally practicing writing essays.

Step 1: Recognize your weaknesses

We all have weaknesses, whether we like to admit them or not; the sooner we admit them, the better. When it comes to essay writing practice, you want to know your weaknesses but don’t dwell on them.

Step 2: Essay structure matters

The idea of structuring essays is to make writing them easier and simpler. The most basic essay structures are the 5-paragraph essays, but it isn’t exactly a requirement. Nevertheless, if you’re starting to practice writing essays, you can start with the 5-paragraph structure, including the introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Step 3: Time yourself

As you practice essay writing, time yourself; this may make the task seem unpleasant, but it helps a great deal. Writing timed practice essays is one way to guarantee that you’re replicating and preparing for an actual essay exam. For example, give yourself an hour and an empty, quiet room, then handwrite or type your essay.

Tips on learning how to write an essay for beginners

If you’re a beginner looking to improve your essay writing skills, below are tips you can follow to get started.

  • Read many good examples of different types of essays; this is more than just reading for fun. You have to start reading actively if you want to build your essay writing skills: tackling a book with a purpose.
  • Write as many essays as you can and as often as possible, from short essays to timed and long essays.
  • Practice essay writing on different subjects to ensure you’re not strong in one area and weak in another. Some topics to practice writing essays on include social media, technology, education, politics, health, fitness, etc.
  • Cultivate the habit of receiving feedback on your essays – this can either be from yourself or others. Requesting feedback for your work can be intimidating, but it’s the only way to know how you’re improving. Feedback helps you know that you’re headed in the right direction in learning how to write an essay.


There you have it! The practical and professional ways to practice and up your essay writing skills. Give time to reading, writing, and getting feedback if you want to make conscious efforts to improve your skills. You can learn essay writing online on trustworthy platforms or search more online for tips like this to self-improve.

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